Canon A-1 35mm SLR Film Camera with 28mm Lens

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Revolutionary Craftsmanship: The Canon A-1 Experience
Embrace the remarkable Canon A-1, a trailblazer in the world of photography that set new standards upon its debut in 1978. As the first SLR to offer fully programmed auto exposure, the A-1 is not just a camera—it's an innovation that transformed the landscape of film photography, making it a prized possession for both the discerning collector and the passionate photographer.

Canon 28mm F2.8: A Lens That Sees More
Coupled with the exceptional Canon 28mm F2.8 lens, the A-1 elevates your photographic experience. This wide-angle marvel excels in capturing expansive landscapes and bustling street scenes, bringing vivid clarity and stunning depth to each frame. Its fast aperture allows for versatile shooting in varied lighting conditions, enhancing your creative potential without compromising on sharpness or detail.

Designed for Precision and Performance
The Canon A-1 stands out with its advanced electronic controls and robust build, designed to withstand the demands of intensive use. Its ergonomic layout and intuitive controls ensure a seamless interaction, allowing you to adjust settings swiftly while staying focused on your subject. The camera’s electromagnetic shutter mechanism operates with a precision that ensures each exposure is flawlessly timed, capturing moments with the crispness and vibrancy they deserve.

Beyond Photography: An Artistic Tool
This camera invites you to delve into the realms of manual and automated photography, equipped with a multitude of modes like shutter-priority, aperture-priority, and full manual. This versatility makes the A-1 a formidable tool for exploring new creative horizons, encouraging you to experiment with exposures, depths, and compositions.

A Legacy in Your Hands
Holding the Canon A-1, you hold a piece of history that continues to inspire generations of photographers. Its design and capabilities are a nod to an era when photography was as much about skill as it was about the emotion and stories captured on film. The Canon A-1 with its 28mm lens is more than just a camera—it's your companion in capturing the essence of the world around you, inviting each user to leave their mark on the canvas of film.

Let the Canon A-1 rekindle your passion for film photography, uniting classic aesthetics with modern functionality in a way that only a true pioneer could. Dive into the experience of using a camera that has shaped the craft and continues to inspire the art of capturing life’s most fleeting moments.

What’s included?⁣

Canon A-1

Canon 28mm F2.8 Lens




Good, with minimal signs of use.⁣


All electronic functions are working.⁣

Mechanical: ⁣

All shutter speeds are accurate and all mechanical functions are working perfectly. ⁣

New light seals.⁣





Viewfinder clean.⁣

Lenses crystal clean with no haze/fungus/scratches.⁣

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