Canon Prima Zoom 85N 35 mm Point & Shoot Film Camera


The Canon Prima Zoom 85N is a remarkable 35mm fully automatic lens-shutter camera that will transport you back to the golden age of film photography. With its built-in zoom feature and a wide range of technical specifications, this camera is a must-have for any film enthusiast.

Technical Specifications

The Canon Prima Zoom 85N boasts an impressive set of technical specifications that ensure exceptional image quality and versatility:

  • Film Speed Settings: Choose from a wide range of film speed settings, from 100 to 1600 DX ISO. This allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the film to different lighting conditions, enabling you to capture stunning images in any situation.

  • Shutter Speed Range: With a shutter speed range of 2 seconds to 1/500 second, this camera provides unparalleled flexibility. Whether you're capturing fast-moving subjects or experimenting with long-exposure shots, the Canon Prima Zoom 85N has got you covered.

  • Film Winding: Say goodbye to the hassle of manually winding film after each shot. The Canon Prima Zoom 85N features automatic film winding, making it incredibly convenient and easy to advance to the next frame effortlessly.

  • Flash Capability: Low-light situations will no longer be a challenge. Equipped with a built-in flash, the Canon Prima Zoom 85N ensures your photos are well-illuminated, allowing you to capture every detail even in dim lighting conditions.

The Lens: Your Window to Creativity

At the heart of the Canon Prima Zoom 85N lies its exceptional lens, opening up endless possibilities for creative compositions:

  • Lens Type: This camera is equipped with a Canon 38mm-85mm f/4.2-8.7 lens, offering a versatile zoom range. From wide-angle shots at 38mm to zoomed-in compositions at 85mm, this lens allows you to effortlessly capture the perfect frame.

  • Focus Control: The Canon Prima Zoom 85N features Ai active auto-focus, ensuring precise focusing every time. Say goodbye to blurry shots and welcome sharp, well-defined images with ease.

  • Aspherical Lens Element: With an aspherical lens element incorporated into its design, this camera delivers high contrast and sharpness. Your images will burst with vibrant colors and stunning clarity, capturing every detail with precision.





    Good, with minimal signs of use.


    All electronic functions are working.⁣

    Mechanical: ⁣

    All shutter speeds are accurate and all mechanical functions are working perfectly. ⁣





    Viewfinder clean.⁣ Lens crystal clean with no haze/fungus/scratches.⁣

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