Nikon F2 35mm SLR Film Camera with Nikon Zoom-Nikkor 35-70mm F3.3-4.5 Lens


Step into the golden age of photography with the Nikon F2 35mm SLR Film Camera. Perfect for both seasoned photographers and vintage camera enthusiasts, this classic camera combines timeless design with exceptional functionality.

Key Features

Classic 35mm SLR Film Camera

Capture high-quality, tangible photographs that digital cameras just can't replicate. Experience the joy of holding a printed photo in your hands, created by your skills and the prowess of the Nikon F2.

Nikon Zoom-Nikkor 35-70mm F3.3-4.5 Lens

Versatility is key. With the Nikon Zoom-Nikkor 35-70mm lens, you have a broad range of shooting options—from wide-angle shots to close-up portraits. This lens ensures sharp images with vibrant colors and contrasts.

Durable All-Metal Body

Built to last, the Nikon F2 features a robust all-metal body. It's designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use, making it a reliable companion for all your photographic adventures.

Ergonomic Design

Comfort meets functionality. The ergonomic design of the Nikon F2 ensures comfortable handling, even during long shooting sessions. Easily accessible controls mean you can focus on capturing the perfect shot.

Manual and Aperture-Priority Automatic Exposure Modes

Take creative control over your photos. Whether you prefer manual settings to fine-tune every detail or the ease of aperture-priority automatic exposure, the Nikon F2 offers the flexibility you need to bring your vision to life.

Prism Viewfinder with 93% Coverage

Ensure accurate composition with the prism viewfinder's 93% coverage. See exactly what you're shooting, down to the finest details, and frame your shots with confidence.

Wide Range of Compatible Lenses

Expand your creative horizons. The Nikon F2 is compatible with a wide range of Nikon F-mount lenses, offering endless possibilities for your photography. Whether you need a macro lens for detailed close-ups or a telephoto lens for distant subjects, the Nikon F2 has you covered.

Why Choose the Nikon F2?

The Nikon F2 35mm SLR Film Camera isn't just a tool; it's a piece of photographic history. Its blend of high-quality craftsmanship, versatile shooting options, and user-friendly design makes it an indispensable asset for any serious photographer.

Elevate your photography and create lasting memories with the Nikon F2.

What’s included?⁣

 Nikon F2

Nikon Zoom-Nikkor 35-70mm F3.3-4.5 Lens


  • Grade: A-
  • Cosmetic: Good, with minimal signs of use.
  • Electronics: All electronic functions are working perfectly.
  • Mechanical: All shutter speeds are accurate and all mechanical functions are working perfectly. New light seals.
  • Optical: Viewfinder clean. Lens crystal clear with no haze, fungus, or scratches.
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